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WCHmezőhegyes18FEI World Championship for Young Drivinghorses 2018

 Mezőhegyes HUNGARY

September 5 - 9, 2018




 n a few weeks, the FEI World Driving Championships for Young Horses will take place at Mezőhegyes, on the Show Ground of the Nemzeti Ménesbirtok és Tangazdaság Zrt., between the 5th and 9th of September. The State-owned company won the right to organize this event for five years, thus they will surely do so until 2019. The preparations are going well. All information → LINK




HISeng HISger

From 2nd to 4th March 2018 Hippoevent organizes for the 5th time the International Equestrian Congress – "Horse in Sport"

"Horse in Sport" is an international event that brings people together of common interests and passion for horses. The annual event aims to promote the coexistence of different stakeholders: Our focus is on our four-legged partner - the magnificent horses and ponies, driving sport and the common positive future developments.




HIS registration

The participation fee to "Horse in Sport", on the 4th of March 2018 is 22.- €uro.

Please send an e-mail (with the names of the participants) horse-in-sport@hippoevent.at




"Horse in Sport" consists of different event modules.



x bionic sphare logo smallThe congress which is open to all equestrian sports fans - with interesting lectures, workshops, future talks and - discussions as well as presentations by the FEI Drivingsport representatives. In addition, the official FEI courses for international Driving Officials for further education for Judges, Technical Delegates and Course Designers. The main focus lies in the fusion and the future-oriented coexistence in the sense of the sport which is additionally promoted by common side events.

This diverse event will take place in 2018 at Europe's most modern and largest equestrian venue, the x-bionic® equestor sphere in Šamorín in Slovakia.

The impressive facility of the x-bionic®-Sphere is located in the heart of Europe, centrally accessible via the motorway network, near the Austrian-Slovakian border and close to two capitals and their international airports - Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia.

Covering a total area of more than 1 000 000 m2, the x-bionic® sphere offers highly professional conditions for 27 Olympic sport disciplines, which complements the world-class X-BIONIC® Hotel, with most modern congress facilities, and in its centre, for equestrian fans, the impressive equestrian sports facility stands.

The project development "Driving" @  x-bionic® equestor sphere in Šamorín has already started.


Take a look at the Website -> LINK,

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It would be a great pleasure to welcome you there, and discuss the latest development trends in Drivingsport. Should you have any enquiries, require further information or if there is anything else we can do for you, please get in touch with us. Mail  horse-in-sport@hippoevent.at  |  Phone 0043 676 6403355







gbr International Equestrian Congress – Horse in Sport

„Horse in Sport“ - an event, designed to bring together people of common interest and passion "horses".

Following the motto „Downwards the blinkers” we are expanding our congress programme entire the overall Equestrian sport – recreational pleasure up to tournament sports. Handling with horses is a complex joy and science. No matter if you are a hobby rider – Pony girlie – Drivingsport World Champion – Grand Prix Dressage rider – Jumping- or Endurance expert. Western fan – Cob, Thoroughbred, Full-, Warm- or Cold blood … our focus is on our four-legged partners –the magnificent horses and ponies. Considerations – across the borderlines of disciplines and activities – is a quite a big enrichment for all. 






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