A lot is new in Kladruby 2023 - at CAI from April 20th to 23rd... The premier class, the Four in Hands, competes for FEI World Cup™ points, and the marathon, will be even more attractive with 2 new obstacles!

CAI with Rudolf Cup 2023...when the trees are in bloom...

The Czech National Stud in Kladruby nad Labem invites you to an international driving competition from April 20th to 23rd, 2023.


Welcome to the traditional start of the international driving sports season!

The international driving competition in Kladruby 2023 is being prepared as CAI 2** for Single and Pairs Horses, and CAI 3*** for Single, Pairs, and Four-in-Hand Horses, as well as Pony Pairs.

For the Four-in-Hand drivers, Kladruby 2023, is one of the important FEI World Cup™ qualifying competitions, where the top teams will fight for the coveted points for the FEI indoor series.

The director of the Kladruby nad Labem National Stud, Ing. Jiří Machek, and his dedicated and experienced organizing team are already active in preparations for the big event.

Modern Driving sport in a historical setting

The Rudolfův Pohár, - the Rudolf Cup – a traditional prize in international Driving sport, has been held in Kladruby for many years, after Emperor Rudolf II, who appointed the stud to the “Hofgestüt” in 1579.

Kladruby nad Labem is one of the oldest stud farms in Europe, and since 2019, this wonderful place, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and the International Driving competition in Kladruby, is the only equestrian event worldwide, which is held on land of Outstanding Universal Value.

Top conditions for high-class Driving sports

kladruby venue

The spacious stud farm offers perfect conditions for driving. Extensive areas for training and preparation for the competitions are available.

Kladruby HI

The CAI competitions traditionally begin in Kladruby under blossoming trees at the "FEI Horse Inspection" - spring presents itself as lively and agile as the horses and ponies that are presented to the veterinarians and judges to check their form.

The driving sports arena for dressage and the final obstacle driving offers very good ground conditions. Grandstands allow all driving fans an optimal view of the dressage performances (Thursday and Friday) and offer an excellent view of the exciting decisions about the final victories, in cone driving, on Sunday.

The large area around the stud farm is perfect for the marathon and meets all the requirements of modern driving.

The large grounds around the stud farm are perfect for the marathon and meet all the requirements of modern driving.


Kladruby Marathon 1

Arranged compactly and centrally for the spectators, the large marathon obstacles are clearly visible and guarantee a great driving sports experience for everyone. The marathon day in Kladruby is always a festival of driving sport, which many spectators attend and, in the best of moods, appreciate the rapid drives of the driving teams with great enthusiasm.

Kladruby Marathon 4

The Marathon obstacles have been modernized in recent years. For the CAI 2023, 2 new obstacles will make the marathon even more attractive. One of these new obstacles, currently under construction, will feature the beautiful historic stud farm in design.

The best conditions in the stables and the driver's area are guaranteed and enable the participants to have a comfortable competition.

Kladruby stall

Top FEI Officials for top Driving sport

The FEI Championships Course Designer Josef Middendorf is responsible for the construction of the courses in Kladruby. The FEI Judging group is at championship level, with the Level 4 Judges: Anne-Marie Turbe, FRA, Jiří Kunát, CZE, Elimar Thunert, GER and Mark Wentein, BEL.

The evaluations of the driving teams in Kladruby, in spring, are certainly the first important trend mark for many competitors who want to recommend themselves for the FEI World and European Championships in Driving 2023.

Kladruby 3Let´s meet @ Kladruby!

The Stud in Kladruby nad Labem… is always worth a trip, not only for driving teams from many nations, but also for fans of the exciting driving sport, the special atmosphere and the warm hospitality make it a recommended date in the calendar in April 2023.


Kladruby nad Labem is located on the right side of the river Labem, in the Pardubice district. In addition to classic horse breeding, the historic castle, the surrounding area also offers a lot to see and visit - the city of Prague is just under an hour away by car.

Kladruby Cones

We look forward to seeing you again in Kladruby 2023!

Hippoevent will report up-to-date and in detail from the CAI Kladruby!


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