• Welcome @ hippoevent.at
  • Welcome @ hippoevent.at

ger LINK | gbr Hippoevent stands for the love of horses and for the joy of equestrian sport!

However, these days, or weeks, are not going to be carefree - they can't and should not be. This time, which is very challenging for us all, perhaps also gives us all the opportunity to think about what is really important in life: that we and our fellow human beings do well, that we are learning again, as a community we come together Align our behaviour not with the strongest, but with the weakest - also by limiting each and every one of us.

Now consideration and caution count - not pleasure, fun or athletic performance. Who knows, maybe it's not so bad that we are reminded of what real-life priorities are.

Remain healthy and fit, take care of yourself, and above all pay attention to those around you.

Follow the instructions of the government and responsible bodies with great seriousness - this is our common social obligation!

For love to you - your loved ones - the horses - and equestrian sports!

Team Hippoevent


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