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Eight of the globe’s top Four-in-Hand drivers are among the star-studded, international lineup slated to compete next month at a new driving competition (26-28 July)to be held during the X-BIONIC® SUMMER TOUR, presented by Energochemica (16 July – 4 August 2019). The entries include, among others, current World #1 and reigning World Champion Boyd Exell (AUS), 2019 FEI World Cup™ Driving Champion Bram Chardon (NED), and reigning FEI European Champion Ijsbrand Chardon (NED).

Bram Chardon  Boyd Exell  C Karolina Swärdh

B & B...Champion meets Champion Photo Karolina Swärdh

“As a driver, it’s the power in front of the carriage which gives a lot of adrenaline. To be able to control four individuals with only the reins in your hand is an amazing feeling,” Bram Chardon says. “For those new to the sport you can imagine the old days of Ben-Hur and the chariot races... that kind of excitement in a modern format is what we will be showing.”

X-BIONIC®’s inaugural driving competition will run July 26-28, featuring two, CAI2* competitions, including an Action Marathon session (Combined Marathon) — the first at this level to be held in an outdoor stadium. Other drivers on the start list include Glenn Geerts (BEL), Georg von Stein (GER), József Dobrovitz, FEI Top Driver 2018 (HUN), József Dobrovitz Jr. (HUN), and FEI Team World Champion Chester Weber (USA). According to the drivers, themselves, the competition in Šamorín is expected to be fierce.

Ijsbrand Chardon C Karolina Swärdh 2Says Ijsbrand Chardon, “As a multiple winner in both indoor and outdoor championships, I will travel to x-bionic® sphere with one goal: to win the tour in Šamorín!”


“We hope to wow the spectators with a spectacular presentation of driving sport,” Weber says. “In the past, driving and show jumping events have provided unparalleled, thrilling horse sport that should leave spectators on the edge of their seats.”

Chester Weber C fotošárka 2

Chester Weber  Foto Šárka Veinhauerová

All driving fans are cordially invited to cheer the "The Best of the Best" at free admission, in Šamorín 2019!

In addition to three days of dramatic driving competition, the X-BIONIC® SUMMER TOUR will once again host a range of exciting CSI1*, CSI2*, CSI4* and CSI YH1* show jumping offerings, including 18 ranking classes with more than €850.000 in prize money up for grabs throughout the series. Hosted by Event Director Denis Monticolo, the Tour will culminate with the €26.000 FEI Jumping Nations CupTMYouth competition for Young Riders, Juniors, and Children (1 - 4 August).

The creation of successful businessman and endurance enthusiast Mario Hoffmann, x-bionic® sphere’s equestrian facilities are second to none, with 8 oversized arenas (3 grass arenas, 2 indoor arenas, 3 sand arenas), a 1.6-kilometer-long galloping track, and 680 FEI-compliant permanent boxes connecting directly to the horse trucks parking and main arenas. 

The 2019 X-BIONIC® SUMMER TOUR will take place over three consecutive weekends in July and August: 16-21 July, 23-28 July, and 30 July - 4 August. 

The x-bionic® sphere is easy accessibility from Bratislava (30 min.), Vienna (60 min.) and Budapest (120 min.) and through their international airports also from other European metropolises or the entire world. Google Map

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