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ger | We would like to take an Online - Photo Exhibition with you at... send us your photos! MAIL

The Hippoevent Team would like to give everyone, joy and wonderful moments, the photo viewers and the active participants in the photocontest.

We are all going through very challenging times right now. Life with the global Corona crisis is currently challenging all of us. The competitions have been canceled and postponed for the time being - many of us are restricted in the usual daily routine, social contacts and activities with our beloved horses. So let's get the beautiful things on the screen!

The current Hippoevent photocontest "Horses are our Passion" requires motifs that show special moments with our sports and leisure partners: these very special goosebumps moments - a particularly nice drive or ride, the sporting success, the friendly proof of trust between horse and human, the funny moment and much more.

The jury - consisting of the Team Hippoevent photographers - will award 3 photos, and 1 special photo each.

- Special price: Driving sport

- Special price: The most beautiful competition photo

- Special price: Horse & Jack Russell – a dreamteam

- Special price: Detailphoto

We would like to invite all amateur photographers to the Hippoevent Photocontest 2020 to capture their passion for horses with the camera and / or to browse their own photo archive for the very special pictures and reminisce. The search will certainly find true photo treasures.

There are great non-cash prizes to be won at the Hippoevent Photocontest 2020, which we will present at www.hippoevent.at in the next few days.

Anyone who enjoys photography - and a passion for horses can participate!

The closing date for this Hippoevent Photocontest 2020 is Sunday, May 31, 2020. 

Participation takes place online. The photos can be sent to the email address office@hippoevent.at, please with name and a short information text.

Only the following file formats are allowed: .jpg /.jpeg /.png, the maximum file size of the photos is 4 megabytes - maximum 2 pictures per participant.

The general conditions of participation can be found under Hippoevent AGB, on our homepage.

Let's go... we look forward to your photos...  Horses are our Passion!



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